- Neha Venkatesh

"People say that we have to live our life to the fullest, because it can be snatched away in a matter of seconds. Each person has at least a hundred years to live, give or take. During these years, we aim for specific goals, some aim and miss, while some hit bulls-eye. There are always some people who are less fortunate than we are. These people spend their lives in the street, living each day by the dollar, with every minute ticking by. They will never be able to afford the luxuries that we take for granted. These luxuries can be divided into want and need, but sometimes the line between the two is almost invisible. A pair of $100 shoes – want. An education – need. I believe that there are certain things that everyone needs, like an education. Imagine if you had only one life, and it turned out to be worse than you expected, and that there was nothing you could do about it. Then, someone, a complete stranger, came up to you, and changed your life forever. What if they gave you the chance to have a better life? What if they gave you the one thing you wanted the most, an education?  We want to be those angels. But, we call ourselves Academic Angels. Not only do we care for their wellbeing, but we believe in their right to have an education. We care and watch over the children around the world. We are their only hope."


Scholarships without Borders is a non-profit organization that focuses on supplementing the academic integrity of children around the world. As a  foundation, we believe that it is our duty, to help nurture the next generation. Our goal is show the children of the world that we truly, and deeply care. All around the world, children constantly excel in school, but sometimes it feels like they're only working to achieve an unattainable goal. They work, work and work, but to no avail, for they will never be recognized for their achievements. Scholarships without Borders believes that every child should be recognized for their academic achievements, and that's what we plan to do. Every child deserves to know that they have potential.

EVERY CHILD DESERVES someone who cares